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Improving Productivity in SMEs and Their Role in Global Value Chains


La 13ª Reunión Anual de la Red Internacional para las Pequeñas y Medianas Empresas (INSME 2017) se realizará bajo el patrocinio del Instituto Nacional del Emprendedor (INADEM) y el Estado de Jalisco.

The 13th Annual Meeting of the International Network for Small and Medium Enterprises (INSME 2017) will be held under the patronage of the National Institute of Entrepreneur (INADEM) and the State of Jalisco.


Welcome to the 13th INSME Annual Meeting


I feel privileged – for the first time in my new position as INSME Secretary General - to welcome INSME Members, the growing community of followers as well as international and local innovation stakeholders and experts to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to celebrate the 13th anniversary of INSME.

Mexico, the host country of this year’s event, is of undeniable interest in the global scenario being now the 11th largest economy in the world and the second one in Latin America; a vibrant and stimulating economy that is playing a role of paramount importance in global value chains.

Over the course of three intense days, the beautiful Puerto Vallarta will be the gathering spot of hundreds of different stakeholders acting in the field of innovation and knowledge transfer to SMEs who will discuss what factors hinder SMEs from effectively participating in global value chains, identify opportunities to enhance SMEs productivity through innovation and explore transferrable best practices worldwide.

The close and fruitful collaboration with INADEM, INSME Member from Mexico hosting this initiative, will ensure an event that is both transnational in scope and with a strong local participation. Furthermore the active involvement of the Organization of American States will stimulate a dialogue and knowledge sharing between policy makers and innovation players to create a fertile environment for SMEs to prosper and grow.

I am looking forward to meeting you all in Puerto Vallarta, in the meantime let me leave you with what the Mexican Nobel prize Octavio Paz once wrote:

“Merece lo que sueñas”
“Deserve your dream”

May these words be of inspiration during the 13th INSME Annual Meeting to achieve your goals.



Giovanni Zazzerini
INSME Secretary General